Why You Should Recruit Before Christmas

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Every year we remind clients of the need to start their recruitment planned for the New Year, before Christmas.


Let’s say that you start advertising mid-January (along with all of the competitors). You’ll make an offer by the end of February – as the process of interviewing and selection typically takes around 4 weeks. The candidate will give a month’s notice which brings us up to the end of March which goes right into Songkran. By the time the new addition to the team has been inducted, settled in and is fully productive you’re a good 5 months into the next year.


5 Reasons to Act  Now   

  1. 40% more people change jobs in January than any other month, but their decision to look for another position will be made before that time. People start to make the decision about 8 weeks beforehand– yes, that’s just about now.
  2. Most companies don’t recruit before Christmas, as they are busy making their numbers whole. There are fewer headhunters competing for your ideal candidate in November and December. Whether you consult LinkedIn or JobsDB or ask your recruitment agency, you’ll find that every year, the number of new jobs  drop starting October and pick up back up again in January. So not only will there be less companies recruiting, there will be more candidates looking whom have made a conscious decision to change jobs.
  3. Your contracted employee will be out of the market, on leave for the many December holidays in Thailand and oblivious to other job ads or other employers looking to poach him or her away while you were preparing all the paperwork (as happens so often in a candidate market).
  4. The new employee arrives refreshed after the Christmas break. We all know that productivity and motivation take a small hit before every holiday, on the flip side we also know that most of us hit the ground running once we get back in the saddle. We’re fully rested, refreshed and eager to get going, especially if you’re starting a new job!    Instead of having your new candidate be productive at the end of April, he or she could be contributing half way into February.
  5. Quality candidates are hard to find and even harder to hire.   They’re even harder  and more expensive to attract when there are that many more employers looking for that same top performer.  And when two dogs fight over the same bone, a third  one will snatch it away.


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